Advice for Students

The Guide for Interacting With Faculty is for students who want to learn some of the often-unwritten expectations that university faculty have for them.

The Guide for Scholarly Writing is for students who are writing manuscripts to submit for publication.

The Guide to Citations and References is for students who are new to using citations and references, or need to refresh their memory.

The Guide for Joining My Lab is for prospective students and visitors who are interested in doing research with me.

The Guide for the Tenure-Track Job Market in Computer/Information Sciences is for people (students and others) who are preparing to apply for faculty positions.

I encourage students to read the above documents, but reading does not replace human interaction. You're welcome to contact me.

Finally, Need Help? is a page I sometimes send to prospective advisees who need help formulating their questions. It's unlikely to be relevant to you unless I send it to you in an email. Still, it lists some common mistakes that prospective advisees make.