Current and Recent Information

In Fall 2019 I will teach IST 110H, the Honors section of Introduction to Information, People, and Technology. All students in Honors are welcome, but enrollment is limited to maintain a small group setting. I've created this promotional flyer for the class.

In Spring 2019 I taught IST 597, a course on selected topics in natural language processing, covering sentiment analysis, computational semantics, and computational discourse.

For a full list of courses I've taught, check out my CV.

Final Project Hall of Fame

I encourage students in some of my upper-level courses to submit modified versions of their final project reports to conferences, journals, and workshops. In Spring 2019 I began keeping track of final project teams that took up the challenge. Accepted papers appear with full citations. To protect anonymous submissions, I include only brief descriptions of other papers.

Teaching NLP at CMU

In spring 2015 I co-taught Carnegie Mellon University's 11-411/611 Natural Language Processing with Chris Dyer and Alan Black.

The course included a semester-long project to build question answering and question generation systems that operate on Wikipedia articles. Students worked in small teams of three to five, and they competed to produce the best-performing systems. You can watch the final reports from the top three teams below.

I can provide a statement of teaching philosophy and teaching references upon request.