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Email:   shomir.wilson -at-  
Office:835 Rhodes Hall
Mailing Address:  Shomir Wilson
Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210030
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0030

Who I Am

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the EECS Department of the University of Cincinnati. I lead the Human Language Technologies Lab and I am a member of the University of Cincinnati Institute for Analytics Innovation.

My research spans natural language processing, privacy, and artificial intelligence. Recently a focus of my work has been the Usable Privacy Policy Project.

Previously I held postdoctoral and lecturer positions in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, and prior to that I was an NSF International Research Fellow in the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in 2011.

You can read more about my research interests and my teaching experience.

Curriculum Vitae

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Prospective Ph.D. Students: I may have an opening for a Ph.D. student to work on projects related to natural language processing and privacy. I'm looking for students who have coursework in NLP and machine learning, and I place a high value on good writing skills and attentiveness to detail. If you're interested in working with me, read some of my recent publications and email me with "Potential PhD student--read your recruiting item" as the subject line. Include a CV and an explanation of your specific interests in my research.


2017-05-13: Thanks to Hongning Wang for hosting me for a talk at the University of Virginia.

2017-04-29: I was a faculty marshal for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UC's Spring Commencement. Congratulations again to all of our graduates!

2017-03-24: Our paper "PrivOnto: A semantic framework for the analysis of privacy policies" has been accepted for publication by the Semantic Web Journal, as part of its special issue "Semantic Web and Linked Data: Security, Privacy and Policy".

2017-02-17: Thanks to the Division of Biomedical Informatics at CCHMC for hosting my talk today as part of the Hutton Lecture Series.

2017-02-14: I have added more content to my miscellany page.

2017-01-03: Our paper "Nudges for privacy and security: Understanding and assisting users' choices online" has been accepted to appear in ACM Computing Surveys. Here's a working copy of the paper on SSRN. Also, Happy New Year!

2016-11-21: Thanks to Nathan Schneider for hosting me for a talk today at the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University.

2016-11-19: Thanks to everyone who came to PLT! I'll be in contact soon with some post-event announcements.

2016-11-01: Students interested in CS 7052 this spring should take a look at my teaching page for information on the course.

2016-10-24: Our paper "Automating Privacy Law Analysis for Mobile Apps" has been accepted to appear at NDSS'17.

2016-09-09: On November 1 I will give an invited talk as part of HCOMP's Encore Track in Austin, Texas.

2016-07-25: We have released the OPP-115 Corpus, a unique resource of 115 website privacy policies annotated with 23K data practices. The corpus is described in detail in our recent ACL paper.

2016-06-03: Along with my colleagues Alessandro Oltramari and Fei Liu, I am organizing a AAAI Fall Symposium on privacy and language technologies. Visit the symposium website here and help us advertise with this flyer.

2016-05-30: Our paper "The Creation and Analysis of a Website Privacy Policy Corpus" has been accepted for poster presentation at ACL this August, and our poster abstract "Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Data Practices in Privacy Policies" has been accepted by SOUPS.

2016-04-13: Our paper "Crowdsourcing Annotations of Websites’ Privacy Policies: Can It Really Work?" has been selected as one of five Best Paper Finalists at the 25th World Wide Web Conference.

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