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2018-10-31: Later this week I will be at EMNLP 2018 to present our poster for our accepted paper. I will also chair the Social Applications II session, and I am looking for Ph.D. students to join my lab. Please chat with me if you are interested.

2018-10-16: Thanks to IST's communications and marketing team for including a section about my photography in this article. That's my picture at the top, and the section about me is toward the end.

2018-10-11: IST has multiple faculty openings. We have an open-rank opening in security and privacy and an assistant professor opening in human-centered design. We're also looking for teaching faculty.

2018-09-25: I am now a Faculty Affiliate of Penn State's Institute for CyberScience.

2018-08-30: Our paper "Supervised and Unsupervised Methods for Robust Separation of Section Titles and Prose Text in Web Documents" has been accepted for presentation at EMNLP in November. Here's the paper. The code and the datasets are on GitHub.

2018-08-10: I am organizing a AAAI Spring Symposium titled "Privacy-Enhancing Artificial Intelligence and Language Technologies" (PAL) at Stanford University on March 25-27, 2019. Consider submitting a paper, or help me promote it with this flyer.

2018-07-26: Congrats to my students Abhijith Mysore and Baradwaj Aryasomayajula on successfully defending their M.S. theses!

2018-07-19: Last week I led a workshop on natural language processing for 20 visiting faculty from Ming Chi University of Taiwan, as part of their visit to the University of Cincinnati. Best wishes for the rest of their stay.

2018-05-07: I was a faculty marshal for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UC's Spring Commencement. Congratulations again to all of our graduates!

2018-03-23: The Usable Privacy Policy Project created a series of videos to explain our research. I speak first in this one, about the natural language processing aspects of the project.

2018-03-01: Our work is featured in NSF News from the Field. See the bottom of the press release (linked from the NSF article) for the full list of collaborators.

2018-02-17: I am proposing a workshop titled "AI and NLP for Usable Privacy" at SOUPS this coming August. The workshop will be a successor event to Privacy and Language Technologies, the AAAI Fall Symposium I organized in 2016. Contact me if you have nominations (including self-nominations) for the program committee.

2018-02-12: Congrats to my M.S. student Kaitlin Burnam on winning the graduate student poster award at the Tri-State Women in Computing Conference this past weekend!

2018-02-02: During the week of March 12, I will teach a mini-course titled "Ethics of Artificial Intelligence" at Future University in Cairo, Egypt.

2018-01-25: Check out our re-launch of the Explore site, now featuring over 7,000 automatically annotated privacy policies.

2017-11-14: Cincinnati's Channel 9 News interviewed me today about FaceID in the iPhone X. (Skip to 1:00 in the video for the correct story.) A few claims in the segment that aired were misattributed to me, although I was still glad to speak with them. Also, although they cited me as a face recognition expert, this is incorrect; I spoke as a privacy researcher.

2017-10-05: Thanks to the University of Cincinnati's IEEE student chapter for hosting me for a talk this evening.

2017-07-13: Our paper "Identifying the provision of choices in privacy policy text" has been accepted for presentation at EMNLP.

2017-06-14: Three of our posters have been accepted for presentation at SOUPS: "Increasing the salience of data use opt-outs online", "Nudges for privacy and security: Understanding and assisting users' choices online", and "Mobile app privacy compliance: Automated technology to help regulators, app stores and developers".

2017-05-13: Thanks to Hongning Wang for hosting me for a talk at the University of Virginia.

2017-04-29: I was a faculty marshal for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UC's Spring Commencement. Congratulations again to all of our graduates!

2017-03-24: Our paper "PrivOnto: A semantic framework for the analysis of privacy policies" has been accepted for publication by the Semantic Web Journal, as part of its special issue "Semantic Web and Linked Data: Security, Privacy and Policy".

2017-02-17: Thanks to the Division of Biomedical Informatics at CCHMC for hosting my talk today as part of the Hutton Lecture Series.

2017-02-14: I have added more content to my miscellany page.

2017-01-03: Our paper "Nudges for privacy and security: Understanding and assisting users' choices online" has been accepted to appear in ACM Computing Surveys. Here's a working copy of the paper on SSRN. Also, Happy New Year!

2016-11-21: Thanks to Nathan Schneider for hosting me for a talk today at the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University.

2016-11-19: Thanks to everyone who came to PLT! I'll be in contact soon with some post-event announcements.

2016-11-01: Students interested in CS 7052 this spring should take a look at my teaching page for information on the course.

2016-10-24: Our paper "Automating Privacy Law Analysis for Mobile Apps" has been accepted to appear at NDSS'17.

2016-09-09: On November 1 I will give an invited talk as part of HCOMP's Encore Track in Austin, Texas.

2016-07-25: We have released the OPP-115 Corpus, a unique resource of 115 website privacy policies annotated with 23K data practices. The corpus is described in detail in our recent ACL paper.

2016-06-03: Along with my colleagues Alessandro Oltramari and Fei Liu, I am organizing a AAAI Fall Symposium on privacy and language technologies. Visit the symposium website here and help us advertise with this flyer.

2016-05-30: Our paper "The Creation and Analysis of a Website Privacy Policy Corpus" has been accepted for poster presentation at ACL this August, and our poster abstract "Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Data Practices in Privacy Policies" has been accepted by SOUPS.

2016-04-13: Our paper "Crowdsourcing Annotations of Websites’ Privacy Policies: Can It Really Work?" has been selected as one of five Best Paper Finalists at the 25th World Wide Web Conference.

2016-03-31: Our paper "Demystifying Privacy Policies with Language Technologies: Progress and Challenges" has been accepted by the Text Analysis for Cybersecurity and Online Safety workshop at LREC. I will present it.

2016-03-20: Lifehacker posted an article about our data exploration website.

2016-03-15: The Consumerist wrote an article about our data exploration website.

2016-03-10: Here's a data exploration website that my group has created to showcase the privacy policy annotations that we've collected. Also, here's a press release about it.

2016-01-05: I gave a talk as part of the CHIME seminar series at the National University of Singapore. Thanks to Min-Yen Kan for hosting me.

2015-12-16: Our paper "Crowdsourcing Annotations of Websites’ Privacy Policies: Can It Really Work?" has been accepted for presentation at the 25th World Wide Web Conference. The camera-ready version is here.

2015-10-18: Our paper "This Table is Different: A WordNet-Based Approach to Identifying References to Document Entities" has been accepted by the Global Wordnet Conference for a half-hour presentation. Here is the camera-ready version.

2015-06-05: I am pleased to announce that I have accepted an offer for a project scientist position in the School of Computer Science here at Carnegie Mellon University, starting in August. My primary responsibility will be the Usable Privacy Policy Project, a group that I have been involved with since its inception.

2015-04-22: I recently gave talks at John Hopkins University's Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (announcement and slides) and the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center (slides).

2015-02-20: I had a photograph in the art gallery of Carnegie Mellon University's SCS Day.

2014-10-07: I've been selected to be a Grand Awards Judge in Computer Science at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May 2015.

2014-09-01: Our submission to HCOMP, titled "Identifying relevant text fragments to help crowdsource privacy policy annotations", was accepted for publication.

2014-08-20: I have moved from the University of Edinburgh to the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University for the second part of my NSF IRFP fellowship. It's been great meeting new colleagues and reconnecting with old colleagues from my previous stay here.

2014-05-09: I gave a talk today for the NLIP Seminar Series at the University of Cambridge. Here are my slides. My recent work at the University of Edinburgh is described in the second half of the presentation.

2014-05-01: My short paper submission to ACL in Baltimore was accepted. The dataset it describes is here.

2013-11-04: Here's a belated link to a press release on the usable privacy policy project that I'm involved with. Also, here's the project website.

2013-10-28: The overview of my research is now up to date.

2013-08-05: I recently arrived at the University of Edinburgh to begin the first part of my NSF International Research Fellowship. It's been great meeting several new colleagues, and I look forward to working here for the next twelve months. Also, in coming months I will be attending Ubicomp in Zurich and IJCNLP in Nagoya to present papers at both.

2013-04-30: I recently gave a talk for the CL+NLP Lunch at Carnegie Mellon. You can take a look at my slides.

2012-11-18: I've updated the overview of my research.

2012-07-02: I've created a stub page to host the metalanguage corpus described in my recent ACL paper.

2012-03-16: My paper "The Creation of a Corpus of English Metalanguage" has been accepted for oral presentation at ACL this July in Jeju, South Korea. I will attend to present it.

2012-02-24: A profile of some of my Ph.D. research is up on

2012-02-12: I've been adding content to the EAPSI page over the past few months, and it is now complete.

2011-10-23: Prompted by my move to Carnegie Mellon last month, I've assembled this long-overdue renovation of my website. I'll add more content in the coming months.